Prue - Creative boss

Bossy is Prue’s middle name and... she's a Virgo. Whilst this trait is good from a creative point of view, it's challenging when it crosses into the domestic realm. Thankfully her creativity and professionalism exceed her bossiness.

Age: Isn't important
Experience: Decades
Likes: Drinking wine too regularly, good food, great architecture and design of any kind. Good friends, yoga and regular lighthouse workouts.
Dislikes: Getting up early and unsolicited phone calls


Michael - Creative assistant 

Every office needs a Mick and our Mick is one very clever Mick. He writes, edits and is very handy at chasing money. He's also very handy not just for bouncing off ideas and creative brainstorming, but also for being handy with a hammer and a drill. He hangs pictures, hides cables, does all the heavy lifting and makes the best pots of earl grey tea. 

Age: Older than Prue
Experience: Decades
Likes: Thinking, tinkering, and writing. Also loves to bang on about politics
Dislikes: Tony Abbott and cane toads


Mac- head of production

No design studio would function without a Mac! He is one efficient machine carrying out all Prue's instructions without a word of complaint. And boy, she has a lot of instructions. Although, he can sometimes be found sleeping on the job - who wouldn't with his work load? 

Age: 2
Experience: Beyond his years
Likes: Gentle typists and patience
Dislikes: Heavy handedness and impatience


We also collaborate with

Web developers; Nick Lo, Simon Cook at Birddog  and Cadence Creations, Illustrators; Cindy Scharka and Clint Cassell, Writer Lucy Ashley, writer and manuscript editor Laurel Cohn, Film makers; In Your Face ProductionsOliver Buckworth and Brendan Shoebridge, Social media; The Brand Plan